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About me

Hello! My name is Zach and I'd like to be your GM! I've been playing/running ttrpg's of multiple systems for the past decade or so from Hackmaster, Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder 2e and more. It's always been enjoyable to sit down with friends, and people who I didn't know, but would become friends, and tell stories together in the games we love. About 6 years ago now, a buddy sat me down and we started my first game of D&D 5e with Lost Mines of Phandelver, and I never went back. I've been GMing 5e for a few years now and would would love to tell stories with you all. Tony from Queens said I'm the best around. If you're interested in having a chat or asking me any questions please feel free to reach out! Email: Discord: Shama262#2109

GM style

Hello! I personally have a more rules centric playstyle with games, and only really changing things when there are large problems with said rules. I find that there’s quite a bit more enjoyment in games and such when expectations are leveled and players know what they’re getting into. It becomes quite frustrating when you read all the rules and resources and find out, only in the moment that the rules are relevant, that the DM has brewed a house rule. While I am open to changing things if the party also agrees with it I often do most things by the book. That doesn’t mean I skimp on roleplay or creativity! We are all sitting here and trying to tell a story with each other, and sometimes the rules need to be bent a little bit in order for that to happen. It’s extremely important for people to be comfortable at the table and with that in mind I do use a few safety tools, a checklist, and my DM’s are always open before, during, and after sessions. I hope we can all tell amazing stories together!

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