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About me

Name: Gogo Class: Game Mistress Sub-Class Abilities: -Improvised Banter -Immersion Aids -Open-World Sandbox Campaigns Level: 15 (years experience) Feats: -Voice Actor - Every session is fully voice-acted. -Jack of All Trades - Can run in any system. -Master Plotter - Sweeping plots that will keep you guessing and engaged every week. -Pick-up and go Prep - I can provide notes for any group that wants to continue the story after my contracted sessions. -Lovable NPCs - Supporting characters that complement and center the PCs as the center of every campaign. I have been playing and running RPGs for 15 years now. I have run everything from one-offs to multi-year campaigns. I've run games professionally before as part of a team that showcases RPGs for publishers. I've worked with Fantasy Flight, Paizo, Renegade, and White Wolf promoting their new products at Gen Con and other major industry events. I serve all manner of clients: -New players looking for a short-run D&D campaign to teach them the rules -GMs in burnout that just need a break -Publishers and developers looking for demonstrations and playtests -Managers and HR professionals looking for a unique team-building activity. -Niche, rare, and indie RPGs that are hard to find a GM that will run for your group -Your group's designated GM has moved away and you need steady weekly games to keep the group together and finish the campaign -You're a new GM that wants in-game coaching and support For less than the cost of a night at the movies, we can create unforgettable experiences for your whole party. I'm system agnostic, but my per-player rates are not: $25 - Rules light / I Enjoy Running Examples: Blades in the Dark, FATE, PbtA, Pathfinder 2e $30 - More narrative or mechanical labor (I Enjoy Running These, Too) Examples: Lancer, World of Darkness, Wrath and Glory, other 40k RPGs $50 - Games requiring more narrative or mechanical labor Example: D&D (Any edition), Vampire the Masquerade 5e $99 - Systems that take monumental effort Example: FATAL, Burning Empires, Tri-Tac, or Werewolf the Apocalypse 5e

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Main style: Player character-driven stories in rich sandbox environments.

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