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Paul the Glittering Spectacle

Paul the Glittering Spectacle (he/him)




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Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Inclusive

About me

Hello, adventurers! Four years ago, I started running games. It was, without exception, the most crazy, bone-headed, upside-down decision I've ever made, and it changed my life forever. Helping groups of friends tell amazing stories about high adventure has been the absolute pleasure of a lifetime, and I only have more fun the more I do it. I intend to bring that same fun to your table! Whether you're interested in a tactically-demanding wargame where spacing and resource management hold the keys to success and defeat, or you're a group that prefers to develop grand tapestries of narrative where every character is a beloved friend or hated foe, I have plenty of experience and expertise to help you bring your dreams to life! If you seek a highly-personalized, highly-responsive game experience that feels like it was lovingly crafted just for you, I am more than happy to deliver! If you're more laid back, and just want an excuse to kill goblins with your friends, that's excellent also. Whatever way you play, I am here to facilitate your fun! I currently offer Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition sessions, but am always expanding my repertoire. With premium accounts on Syrinscape, Roll20, and DnDBeyond, I'm a triple threat, able to provide an online gaming experience that is easier and more engaging than most in-person games. I bring voice acting, stage acting, and professional storytelling experience to every game I run, seeking to provide the immersion of a real, living world to all of my players. I've been running games for four years, and I've made some of my closest friends in the beautiful process of building fun together. I invite you to play, to laugh, and to tell stories with me, and together, we'll have more fun than you can imagine.

GM style

I am a big proponent of roleplay over "roll" play. I am a huge fan of working with newer players, and I love watching someone start to understand what is so very special about these games we play! I work hard to accommodate strange ideas and lateral thinking, while not being afraid to say no when the rules just can't stretch that far. And above all else, I work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome at my table.

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