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About me

A ten-thousand-year long tale, 48 years in the making... Welcome to Nycos! A lifetime ago, an eleven-year-old kid sat scribbling frantically, building a fantastic story in the earliest of days of Dungeons & Dragons. The story he crafted took seven years of adventuring to complete. That kid never stopped creating. Continuous service as a storyteller has brought me to your search. Hi there! I am Jonathan, your game master. I am looking forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations. I can promise adventure, fun, and thoughtful introspection. You will NOT be disappointed.

GM style

I am a consummate storyteller. I follow the advice that Miles Davis offered about jazz. It's not that the descriptions aren't important, but we play into the spaces between the words. Timing and delivery is incredibly important for conveying information, and sometimes, it isn't what you say, or how you say it, it is what you leave to the imagination and hold back in the narrative. This isn't to say that I don't give up the details, or create mystery where none is necessary. Instead, players will find the puzzles challenging, the combat visceral and dangerous, and the drama so tense you will swear you can feel it on your skin.Be prepared to experience a whole other world of adventure. Welcome to Nycos!


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