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Josh Self - Friendly Sasquatch

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About me

Ever wanted to play D&D, but just couldn't find someone willing to be the Dungeon Master? Is the adventuring party ready to go, but you need a person to be literally Everyone Else? Do you really want to play D&D, but want to avoid the plague? Have you ever wanted to play a tabletop game with a GM who is probably not a sasquatch in disguise? That last one was weird, but okay. I am a dungeon master with 7+ years of experience with storytelling, running campaigns and watching players attempt everything except just opening the door. I got started with D&D 3.5 and just doing loose storytelling with some friends, and it turned into homebrewing custom systems and adapting to wonderfully weird tales in later years as I became the eternal GM for my groups. I love being a part of stories, and I want to help more people have fun with tabletops like D&D. I'm most versed with D&D 5E and Pathfinder 2E, but as time goes on I'm always interested in learning new systems!

GM style

I err on the side of roleplay, and certainly try to make the world come to life with vivid descriptions and as many character voices as my sasquatch vocal-cords can allow! I try to make combat meaningful, and if I can throw in personal hooks you can bet there will be stakes! I'm also easily tempted to chaos. Even heavy campaigns can use a laugh now and then, so long as it's timed well, and even somewhat jokey villains can be memorable opponents and deadly combatants. Though at one point I did accidentally condition my players to have a fight or flight response any time they heard Cotton Eyed Joe, so there is that...


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