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About me

🏳️‍🌈/🖤🤍💜 The kindness of a stranger is what afforded me my love of TTRPGs. When I was 12, I befriended my neighbor and her small children, whose father was deployed to Afghanistan. I would help her watch the kids and do chores around the house, and in exchange she would let me play their Nintendo and look at her husband’s massive Magic the Gathering card collection. While cleaning on a hot July afternoon, I stumbled across a dusty box tucked in a cabinet. I didn’t realize at the time that the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons box set I held in my hands would consume my life from that point forward. That family had to move almost as soon as he had returned home from Afghanistan, but his parting gift to me was every 3.5 edition book in print at the time, and I will be forever grateful for that gift. Storytelling is the purest form of art, and I am drawn to the ever changing nature of collaborative stories. It should come as no surprise that roleplaying is my favorite part of playing TTRPGs. I love sinking into a mind and experiences unfamiliar to my own while being able to explore my own emotions in the process. I am a D&D and Pathfinder content creator. I write and paint, so original art and maps are common. Exploration doesn’t end at the edge of the map, it is only when we go further that we can discover something new. Will you explore beyond the edge of the map with me? I strive to provide a safe space for my players to explore the world. Bigots are not tolerated or welcome in the games I run.

GM style

Roleplaying: The most important thing to me is creating engaging characters for my players to interact with. I love immersing my players with rich dialogue. I try my best to provide character voices, and actively practice to improve the skills I offer. Combat: Talking your way out of trouble is always an option, but sometimes the roll of the dice decides the outcome of an interaction. I enjoy challenging combat that will keep a player on their toes and require them to use their resources efficiently. I like to layer other challenges with combat to keep things interesting and love providing descriptive combat. Exploration in my games takes many forms. Whether inside or outside of combat, I sprinkle secrets for my players to discover. I enjoy incorporating skill challenges for short travel and hex crawls for more exploratory travel, with the occasional hand-wave for brevity. I steep my world in immersive lore, and I encourage my players to explore. I am happy to pass down my love of games to new players, and take the time to make sure they understand the rules as we play. Players who play 10 or more sessions with me will receive a custom gouache painting of their PC as a thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a safe space run by a gay veteran. Bigots are not welcome.


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