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Andrew M. "Fish" Popowich
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3 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Creativity, Teacher

About me

Hi, I’m Fish! I’ve always been into gaming and roleplaying, cutting my teeth on Hero Quest (and it’s Gargoyle) and then quickly progressing to a homebrew GURPS campaign based on the new Warcraft: Orcs and Humans demo my friends and I played. I have run prewritten campaigns and adventure paths, as well as writing some of my own for the over thirty living campaigns I’ve built and run for players over the years. I’ve worked in the gaming industry professionally as staff and freelance game designer and published my own system so that players who can’t make it to my table can experience life in a cyberpunk noir world or find out about love and other dangers in a narrative-heavy story featuring modern life with a supernatural element. As a writer and illustrator, each campaign I craft comes with cool handouts, custom maps, supporting lore and art. I keep a design diary for each of these campaigns, full of living notes, so that I can record how the story changes, what friends you made along the way, and who wants your head on a plate so that next time you play in that campaign — or when someone else does — those changes persist. If you’re playing in my Dragon Reign saga for example, and run into the roaming Orc warboss Glush Mooncrusher and kill him, that may mean the next party hears about a “change in leadership” for the orcs in the area and have to deal with several competing warbosses suddenly showing up and making camp, forever altering the campaign. Because of this, I highlight the good roleplaying, the moments where you do what your character would do, even when as a player you know it’ll be a lot of trouble coming your way. I want to encourage roleplayers to grow and experiment, mixing in elements of things they like to create something they love. That’s why I’d like to be your next storyteller and read to you a narrative you won’t soon forget, and all you need to do is pick a book. I’ve run most of the major systems, read way too many of the middle systems, and absolutely love the little guys I find, and make what I can’t find.

GM style

I'm all about the narrative. I like combat to be short and crunchy so we can get back to the good stuff, the real meat of the story. That's where I live, between the strands of the yarn, as the narrator of a story that's pulled in more than one direction at a time. You want a sandbox to explore, or a plotline you want o live out? I'm your djinn!


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