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About me

Hello fellow gamer! I'm Graham, a tabletop roleplaying game player, game master, and writer since the early years of 1981. I think that makes me a veteren?! My knees would probably agree. Quantity doesn't make quality of course and I take the approach of continuous improvement and learning when it comes to RPG game playing and GMing craft. I'll run you a good fun session, and make the game about what you as a group want. I'm open and inclusive. Everyone who wants to participate, and play with half an eye to make all the other players feel awesome, are very welcome at my table. One of my main jobs is to share the spotlight between you, so that you all have plenty of opportunity to share in our story, influence the action, and shape the dramatic outcomes! Of course, that is something you will be doing for your fellow players too. I run a lot of small RPG realspace conventions, creating a space for people to come together and play these wild and inventive games. As such, I run face to face convention one shot games, and also run multi-session adventures online. It wouldn't be strictly accurate to say that I have played *all* the games, but fair to say a huge pile of them! Instead of outright favourite games, I have a broad range that I am happy to GM or play. These include big publisher stonkers, such as Pathfinder, D&D, Traveller, Conan, and anything by Free League, through to smaller publisher games using systems such as Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, Forged in the Dark, Genesys... the list is very long. I seem to gravitate to anything produced in Sweden, perhaps as a thanks for the shelves that hold the huge tonnage of my books! On this platform I will be running exciting and flavoursome rules light(ish) games that get you into the action quickly, so that we can focus on the fun of play. We'll be using either Foundry or Role VTT for our online play-space. I prefer cameras as well as sound to simulate that feeling of being round a real table. Due to the creative and ad lib nature of RPGs, and that we are likely to be playing with people who we don't initially know, safety tools are very important. They give us a shared understanding on safe content and the sorts of drama we will be exploring in the game. Safety tools will include: Session Zero, Lines and Veils, X Card (ping), and Open Table. I'm open to others. We all want to feel safe so that we can enjoy the game together. If you want to check me out, then I'm known as 'First Age' online, with a scattering of content: Podcast: Writing: Hopefully see you at the virtual table for some good times. Best Graham

GM style

My games will be shaped by you, but I tend to offer a little bit of everything. Character roleplay and interactions are at the heart and I try to vary the voice just a little (I'm no voice actor!). For the heroic or pulpy style games there will be intense combat encounters, where I often use map and tokens, mostly so that everyone has a shared picture of what is going on, and to illustrate where protagonists are in relation to each other. There'll be some plot, personal stories, mystery, and a fair dollop of danger. I use images, some sound and rich descriptions to convey a sense of other place. As the GM, I am organised, prepared and knowledgeable, looking to ensure that you are all as engaged as you wish to be and having a good time!


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