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About me

Hey everyone. Been playing TTRPG on and off for over 15 years now, actively DMing for the last 4 of them. Trying out the platform and seeing a definite absence of Russian language DMs, just decided to test if there's anyone interested in such a thing here.

GM style

I enjoy roleplaying and playing with my players: while some one-shots might call for playing against each other, most of my campaigns are about building that narrative with you. Doing my voices, friendly atmosphere off the table. If you're new - I'll help you with your character and their story. If you're a munchkin - yes, we'll heatedly discuss those numbers, AFTER the session ;) On a (Dark Souls/Darkest Dungeon) grit <-----> absurd (Monty Python) scale, I'd say I'll go 4~6 out of 10 seriousness most of the time.

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