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About me

Greetings Adventurers! I am Evan the Bard and I'm glad to tell you a story tonight - your story. As you know, behind every great hero there is a humble bard ready to tell their tales! I have been a DM for over ten years, currently dedicated to D&D 5e with experience both with veteran players and beginner ones. I am a 26 years old living in São Paulo city in Brazil. Previous professional experience with Psychology, Eletronic Sports, Communication and Teaching. My most recent project was developing classes with board games and TTRPG for kids on schools from six to sixteen years old, giving me a lot of experience running games for children. If you want to schedule a game feel free to send me a message here or on my Discord Evan#8881. On my Discord Channel you can check for available Adventures, Campains and One-Shots, ready to be played.

GM style

I enjoy original adventures, where I can give more emphasis on characters backstories and worldbuilding, incorporating everything my players create in an alive and interesting world. Epic high fantasy adventures, sinister gothic horrors, heavy political dramas or deep dungeon delves, you will see them all here, but what I personally enjoy most are intriguing mysterys. It all depends what adventure you will face. For roleplay enjoyers, I bring a lot of investigation, voicemaking and monster sounds, or at least a try, and creative characters for you to interact, friends and foes, its up to you to figure that out. For those fearless bruisers and deadly warriors I can give you a fluid combat, which rewards you for your actions descriptions and fight creativity, making and attack roll be really more fun and interesting without leaving the essencial rules behind. If you really enjoy a bit of meta game or resource managements, like to make your own armor, weapons or potions, interact with different shop keepers and blacksmiths or harvest monster. Don't need to worry, as you explore the worlds you can use improved crafting systems to make your creations. You don't have much experience or just don't know what you like most? Not a problem at all, let me grab my lute and tell you your story. You wil need to overcome a bit of everything to prevail and triumph. Dungeon Master feedback is always welcome as to give it for Players.

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