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About me

Meet Jason D. Batt, a master wordsmith, comic book aficionado, horror enthusiast, and a PhD candidate exploring the captivating world of mythological studies. Not just a scholar, Jason also wears the hat of CEO at Signal Hill Road Publishing and plays the role of Creative and Editorial Director for 100 Year Starship, making him a true renaissance man of the written word. With a quill that dances between fantasy and academia, Jason's penned down compelling narratives like Onliest, Young Gods, and The Tales of Dreamside, each a testament to his boundless imagination. His short fiction and academic musings have found homes in an impressive array of publications, proving that his writing chops are just as at home in a scholarly journal as they are in a fantastical tale of otherworldly beings. But that's not all! Jason recently took on the editorial reins for the anthologies Visions of the Future and Strange California, adding a splash of speculative fiction to his already colorful literary portfolio. Beyond the written page, Jason's been rolling dice and weaving narratives in the world of tabletop RPGs for close to two decades. Having spent the last 10 years as a dedicated Dungeon Master, he knows how to turn lore into legend, stats into stories, and sessions into unforgettable adventures. So buckle up, adventurers, because with Jason at the helm, your journey is guaranteed to be one heck of a ride!

GM style

Creating vivid, narrative-centric adventures is my primary passion. I prioritize dynamic role-playing and captivating storytelling, painting every scene with engaging descriptions. As a Game Master, my goal is to immerse you so deeply within our shared fantasy realm that you lose yourself in the sheer joy of the game. Prepare to step into a world where the line between reality and fantasy blurs, making each session an unforgettable journey.


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