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Erin Leigh Ever
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About me

Hello! 🖤 I’m Erin. Here’s the important stuff: 🎲 DM style: immersive, story driven, and roleplay focused. 🖤 Favorite things: video games (especially spooky ones), horror movies (especially spooky ones), books (especially spooky ones), crossfit (especially spooky ones), and of course, D&D (especially spooky ones). 📝 Previous job: professional writer, so I’ll keep the story moving and make everything you do sound extra cool. 🐲 Current job: meticulously prepping, custom tailoring, and expertly running adventures just for you. ✨ Overall vibe: friendly, inclusive, and fun. LGBTQ+ folks and beginners to D&D are very welcome. I would love to run a private game for your premade party (friends, coworkers, date night, or random people you dragged off the street and imprisoned in your D&D room) - just contact me to set it up! We can play an official module or I can come up with something custom just for you. Pricing may vary depending on the level of customization and coolness. My messages are always open, so free to contact me with any questions. Looking forward to telling stories together! 🖤

GM style

My overall style is story driven, roleplay focused, descriptive and immersive. As a fan of all things creepy, I enjoy creating an unsettling vibe and building tension. That doesn’t mean things will be grim and serious the whole time, but I like players to lean into the atmosphere and let their characters experience the unfolding horror. 🎭 Roleplay - My favorite thing! I love making interesting NPCs and diabolical Big Bads for you to interact with, and I love when you give your characters cool backstories and motivations that I can incorporate into our games. ⚔️ Combat - I focus on encounters that advance the story and feel appropriately epic, meaning I would rather have a session with no combat than throwing something random in just to check the box. That said, when it's go time, I want the stakes to feel high and I keep the pace fast and engaging. I encourage tactical fighting, describing your attacks, and clever uses of your abilities. 🌎 Exploration - I enjoy describing the scene in detail so you have a clear picture of your surroundings as you explore, but I provide pretty maps with ambient music and sound effects for dungeon crawls and combat. 📚 Rules - I know and use the official 5e rules just so everyone has the same baseline on gameplay and abilities. However, I’m very much in favor of the Rule of Cool and want players to feel empowered to try new things. After all, what's the point of fantasy if you can't do crazy stuff? 🖤 Player Comfort - A priority, always. I will be upfront about content warnings, and limits and lines will always be respected. My table is a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment, and I want us to work together to ensure everyone has a great time. 💻 Toys and Tools - We'll use DnDBeyond for character sheets, Discord for voice and (optional but highly recommended) video, and Foundry for maps, environments and combat. (All free for my players, of course.) For dice rolls, you can use Foundry, DnDBeyond or actual dice, as I prefer to do. (Mostly so I have an excuse to keep buying more shiny pretty ones.)

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