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About me

R.H. Elkhatib(EpicLevelDnd) is a GM dedicated to the core ideas of D&D. He believes that your imagination and the fantasy world that you create should have no limits. While Ron uses the official content as a framework for his adventures he also includes fun homebrew content that fits with the storyline. A few things to be aware of: 1. Most campaigns use an XP-based leveling system but will still have some milestone rewards. 2. Xp is awarded according to Role Play, Damage Delt, and Puzzle Solving skills. 3. Most episodes will include a fight, a puzzle, and lots of roleplay. 4. Players are encouraged to help the DM work their backstory into the campaign. (Side Quests Will Happen) 5. Campaigns will run until characters in the group reach level 20 and retire or the entire party is wiped out. 6. You are paying to play so your input is appreciated so I can give you the best gaming experience. 7. All sessions will be streamed on Twitch live @ I haven't streamed in a year and am looking forward to starting again. I have been playing this game since 1992. I have mostly been hosting home games and some online with friends. I just recently discovered this site. I love to create worlds and I love to tell stories. The main goal is that players have fun. I will award perks for exceptional roleplay and I will try and work your character's personal story into the world. I use official content as the framework for my campaigns but don't think that just because you recognize something from a module you have previously played you won't be surprised ( I DO NOT STICK TO THE SCRIPT). Also, be warned that sometimes things do not go as expected. Sometimes a spell won't work or an item that you really want won't be available at the local mage shop even though you have the gold to buy it. Don't be frustrated. It's like real life. Not every store happens to carry a pile of bags of holding. But if you trust me I promise that things will work out and you will have fun. The best part about my campaigns is the twist that you don't see coming until just the right moment and then you're like "OOOOOHHH, that's why the guy only had one leg and he could still beat me in the race!" Also, my campaigns aren't just fighting and roleplaying. I throw in some pretty cool puzzles. But don't worry, If you get stuck you will have access to tools that can help you when you need a hint. Sincerely, R.H. Elkhatib (EpicLevelDnD)

GM style

1. The GM uses character voices to help players distinguish between GM and NPC. 2. GM never puts his players in a no-win scenario but does remind them that sometimes it is okay to run away if you aren't equipped to face a situation that you have wandered into. 3. The GM is very flexible with the game's rules when they clash with the storyline. 4. The GM listens to his player's suggestions in the way of DMs as long as they make sense in how the story will play out. 5. Sometimes the DM is forced to say no in order to preserve continuity. 6. The DM asks that all players be patient because he doesn't always tell his players why something didn't work right away. Sometimes they have to wait for the story to unfold before they discover the twist. 7. The GM believes that the Dice never lie. Even when he rolls really crappy or a player rolls really crappy it's probably because the story wants it that way. (Players that Cheat the dice will not have any fun in this campaign.)


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