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About me

šŸØ GREETINGS FROM AUSTRALIA šŸ¦˜ Growing up down under; I always felt a bit out of place! Kids on the block just wanted to ride their bikes and play Aussie Football, but for me... I wanted to RP before I even knew what it was! Medieval fantasy captured my imagination from the young age of five whether I was exploring the land of Albion in Fable or running across Hyrule Field on my Nintendo 64! A lore nerd like no other, my truest passion is immersing myself in fictional worlds and learning EVERYTHING about them! Whether the world of Azeroth, Tamriel or even the Forgotten Realms - I feel driven to learn it all! As a qualified educator with over 6 years experience working in schools, my greatest passion has been the opportunity to bring a new generation of gamers into the hobby! I have built a wealth of experience helping neurodiverse children build friendships through TTRPG. In addition, I have had the greatest joy of introducing new players, particularly children age 6 through to 13 to the d20 system and letting their imaginations soar in Dungeons and Dragons! NEWCOMERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! šŸŒˆ Being able to share our hobby brightens our world!ā˜€ļø While I love the freedom of being a player; as a creator (a writer and a table-top terrain crafter for physical games) I quickly found my passion in DMing. Nothing brings me more joy than the victorious yells of a party! An immersive experience is my strength! I endeavour to provide players a customised immersive experience through diligent worldbuilding! When you create a character, you must be willing to not only discover who they are... but also who they will become!

GM style

Style Scale āš” Combat to RP Ratio: I enjoy both, customised to the group dynamic. Typically not going more than one session without the other. ā˜ ļø Difficulty: Dynamic & Scalable! A TPK could mean everyone rolling new characters or simply being captured and hatching an escape plan! šŸ§™ Storytelling: Depth for immersion. Love bringing back NPC characters to see their arc grow. Particularly love changing the world to show the impact of the players actions over time. šŸŒŽ Player to World Integration: I love incorporating people and places from your characters backstory's into the world - and sometimes even swapping out boring pre-written module characters for them instead! It's a great way to remix adventures you have already played before! šŸ—£ Voice Acting: Average, but ENTHUSIASTIC! Dwarves & Goblins are a feature šŸ“š Favourite Settings: Literally anything steeped in Medieval Fantasy! I have run World of Warcraft 5E for my friends, am well acquainted with the Forgotten Realms of Faerun and I'm even continually developing my own custom setting. šŸ“œ Favourite Themes: Character development! How will your characters change over time? This always keeps even me drawn into the story! My own setting explores what happens when different cultures are brought into contact and must compete for resources. War and Morale dilemmas are often centre-stage! šŸ—ļø Custom Table Rules: The groups immersion comes first, and the Rule of Cool is a close second! So long as your not detracting from the rest of the group, creativity is not only rewarded - but encouraged!

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