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About me

I am a Dungeon Master who has played for about 17 years and have been a DM for 14 years. There has been a homebrew world from the very start, and I often find myself writing a story with the aim to reward players for solving their tasks in creative ways. I have a great love for storytelling, and while some might expect the 'Mercer effect' from any games, I do not aim to have the most broad voice acting skills but instead the most broad aspect of freedom in my game. We had for example; players go pick magic mushrooms to make a potion in a dark cave, so they could shrink down to enter the pipes of a house they needed to enter, only to find themselves battling floods of water in the pipes, and giant rats. I my self, had written a great NPC guard who stood in front. So, with experiences like that, you could always talk to the guard or become a mushroom-eating shrunken barbarian who sounds like a squeaky toy when raging... Hope to see you in a game sometime!"

GM style

For most of my games I have hosted troughout the years, the goal has been for an adventure where a mix of humour, roleplaying and "open ended" world play style is in focus. ✏️And also to be able to let everyone play with their creative outlet, where you can create, play, explore and evolve your character in your way. I had players take a run at distracting a guard to steal a horse, in so many ways, it became an inspiration for anyone wondering "what can I do here?". If you want to set fire to a house nearby to distract the guard, go for it. Do you want to use a disguise effect, to look like the wife of the guard and distract him... go for it. And so on. (The group torched the stable so the horse would run out, and the whole town caught fire if you interested in how that worked out) 😯Everyone have expectations to a DnD session, but sometime we have none, and its important for the group to match expectations with what and how we playing. There will be a form, where you can mark off what you really do not like, and what you truly do love to experience, and it often help match what to focus on, and what might not be essential for you. I use Beyond, Foundry, Dungeon Alchemist and AI art to create unique characters. "Theater of mind" is used with artwork in the background for when its suitable, but mostly I will have a map for you. I also spend a lot of time enjoying writing and creating your characters backstory, where you will be handed a custom character sheet in the end with your backstory ,some art and more. If you want to see some examples, send me a message on discord :)


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