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About me

Having been a GM on and off for various systems including PF1e, PF2e, and DnD 5e.

GM style

I am a more of a mechanical GM. While I do love myself a good roleplaying session and telling interesting worlds and stories I am just as big on playing interesting systems. I like to learn about various game systems and use them to tell stories. One of the big reasons have turned to Pathfinder 2e has been due to its strength as a system. I still want to learn other systems and experience but sadly only have limited time but always down if people are interested be it Fantasy, Sci-fi, Historical, or even Modern. Outside of that I orient towards players to find a good ground that fits them and my self. Trying to create fun and interesting experience via combat, environment, and other game mechanics. While unable to do many voice I do still my best to being variety to the npcs that players interact. My other big focus is on creating interesting worlds and having players experience them.

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