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About me

I'm a DM! I've been doing it for 12 years, and I see no end in sight! D&D 5e is my game of choice. I've written a homebrew campaign setting that is in the works to be published, and I want to see you all become heroes! Or villains. Or anti-heroes. Or tavern keepers? It's your adventure! I'm your biggest fan. I run most games using DndBeyond, where I have all of the books- which I grant access to all my players, so you can build whatever you like! I run using Foundry VTT, which saves my players a lot of trouble - very little drain on your computer, all you need is a stable browser! I record my sessions, with my player's permission, and I post them on YouTube for my players to rewatch and re-cap. Just in case there is a breadcrumb you might have missed, hmm? You can watch some of my games on the Youtube button down below, in the Social tab! So let's play a game!

GM style

I am a flexible DM. I listen to my players and their backstories, and I craft an adventure around who they are and were, in order to make a very tight-knit and alive game that feels connected and satisfying. I enjoy inserting humor into the world, and I focus my worldbuilding on the characters and locations you run into. I am a sandbox DM, so you can expect anything to be explorable - the world is your oyster and I want you to find the pearls! I am primarily a homebrew DM. I built the world and the environments within, and I have built a pantheon for those really interested in the nitty gritty - but I don't expect every player to want to dive so deep into the lore. If you don't want to read a book's worth of history - and most players don't - I will tell you what is relevant and when, especially if your character is the sort who'd know! Every NPC has a voice. Most of them are unique, and I do my best to make them feel different. It is important to me that a player feels as though the world is as immersive as possible! NPCs will react to PCs differently based on where they are from, what they carry, what they look like, and what they might have done in the region. My world is alive, and your actions will change it! Different campaigns will occur at different times in the timeline, but the choices you make - especially the epic ones - will go down in the history books. Five of the members of the pantheon of gods were once PCs!


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