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Edwin (Eater of Heroes)
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About me

I'm players' best dream... 😇 and their characters' worst nightmare 👹 🎲Edwin 🎲35 🎲he/them, I'm easy I've been GMing tabletop roleplaying games professionally, full-time, since 2020. I specialize in Pathfinder 2e, but have run a number of other systems, including Alien, Shadowrun, Coriolis, and Blades in the Dark. All my games are 100% LGBTQIA-friendly - and generally friendly! You can catch me on Discord at EdwinMamuszko - just message me and I'll let you into my Lair!

GM style

I prefer a balanced ratio of roleplaying and rollplaying with some exploration sprinkled on top (when applicable). This means you can expect me to encourage roleplaying and create interesting NPCs, but not every camp or visit to a shop requires a seperate scene. And conversely, I love interesting and challenging combat, but players do need a breather from time to time! In my games, even the more linear prewritten ones (like Paizo Adventure Paths) I give my players a lot of freedom to pursue leads and threads outside the scope of the adventure and off the beaten path. I love improvising and winging things.


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