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About me

Role-playing games and the internal narratives they create are an underappreciated form of art. Very few mediums of story-telling are as directly interactive with their audience and influenced by them in the process of creation. This alone makes them unique, but this ability and capacity for the mutual expression of creativity in the forms of acting, narrative and descriptive writing, and other forms of craft make it truly special. I have extensive experience with writing, receiving several awards for pieces of poetry and short stories I wrote in high school and college. Particularly, I enjoy the possibility of creating an interactive universe with the assistance of other people. My main desires are to create grounded and realistic characters for players to interact with, and a broader realistic world that presents both boons and challenges. Horror and fantasy are my preeminent genres, and often I will incorporate horror themes and atmosphere, but with enough levity to prevent it from getting stressful. I prefer to create experiences that allow for the experience of a full gamut of emotions. As a historian and a biologist, I try to create realistic worlds, however, this means that I like to touch on heavier and sometimes controversial themes that were prominent in real-life. I think realism, to an appropriate extent and with limits, helps in immersion. I would love to play with you, learn about your character ideas, and create a fluid world with you as a hero. The real question is, are you prepared for what may be beyond the veil?

GM style

I am a great lover of roleplay, particularly the capacity of characters to grow and change over time with the course of the narrative and events. I have a great fondness for backstories I can incorporate into the broader world and make it feel as if the character has a great presence within. As a thespian, I can be quite excellent at conveying emotions through voices, although, I am by no means an expert on doing accents outside of those of the American South or Eastern Europe (expect them to show up more often than they should). I enjoy people with a good sense of humor and people who are similarly looking for more roleplay-oriented experiences. I also enjoy combat as a story device, so there may be some differences between my rules and the official ones for the sake of lore consistency and greater realism. If you also enjoy scary moments and horror, you and I will be a great match. I look forward to playing with you.


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