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About me

It's dangerous to go alone, take this! Greetings adventurer! I am Duragon, your virtual Game Master from the vibrant lands of Brazil, and as a proud South American man I live and breathe TTRPGs, with a special place in my heart for Dungeons and Dragons. My journey into the world of tabletop adventures began in my teenage years, fueled by a passion for storytelling that only grew stronger with time. Coming from a place where this hobby was a rare gem, I found solace in the pages of source books, crafting tales of heroes and villains that existed solely in my imagination. The magic of the internet connected me with like-minded souls, opening the gates to many years of thrilling adventures. Furthermore, beyond the realm of tabletop adventures, I am a published writer. My creative endeavors have led me to contribute to a published video game exploring the captivating world of Norse Mythology. Also, although I am not a professional voice actor, I do enjoy giving my characters distinct voice flavors and accents to help immersion. Drawing from these experiences, I bring a depth of narrative skill to our sessions, making each moment memorable and engaging - every scene a myth in the making. Whether weaving intricate homebrew narratives or guiding intrepid adventurers through pre-written modules, I approach every session with a dedication to creating an unforgettable experience FULLY customized for every player within the weave of the storyline. Fun is my top priority, and as your Dungeon Master, I am committed to crafting a world where every decision, every roll of the dice, and every twist in the tale adds to the magic of our shared adventure. So, fellow traveler, are you ready to delve into the unknown? The dice are cast, and the adventure awaits! Rise to your destiny!

GM style

As a Game Master, I pride myself on creating immersive and fully customized memorable experiences for my players that they won't find anywhere else. My style is a dynamic blend that caters to various preferences, ensuring everyone at the table feels engaged and excited. Whether you're an experienced roleplayer or just dipping your toes into character immersion, I encourage and celebrate character-driven narratives. Expect a world where your character's backstory and motivations are woven seamlessly into the overarching storyline. It won't feel like you're going through a pre-written story, just filling spot. It will feel like you're writing the story. The narrative is yours to weave into storytelling, and I will be merely giving it life.


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