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Hark! Grab your swords, your horse, your companions! Now is your time for High Adventure! Do you want to simply wander the forests, maybe hunt a deer while your party settle for the night? Do you long for the sea, and shanty with your mates as you find elder treasure on old islands? Do you yearn for the heat of battle? Then fight on!

GM style

I am a DM who firmly believes in the three pillars of the RPG: The Role, the Playing, and the Game. The Role: It's DnD. We choose this over WoW or Fortnite because there's the juiciness of a novel in these stories with more malleability than a book. We get to be the tropes we love seeing in shows and movies, and to play it out organically through play. The Play: A lot of times, newer DMs (and thus, new players overall) talk a lot. They give sermons' worth of detail at every spot, and tell players when they can do things. I believe in Purple prose certainly, but I encourage players to explore by asking questions, and encouraging questions as well. Lore is important, but I find giving players lore-bits to read occasionally lends better to cohesion. I want players to be able to climb around, look for secrets, collect plants and herbs, hunt, ect. This allows for a slower, cozier game which balances out Old School DnD's fast, violent, and deadly combat. The Game: Old School DnD is my favorite version of the game, particularly Frank Mentzer's rendition of the BECMI sets of Dungeons and Dragons. This game shares the brutal combat and the limited casting, but the system is written with a nuance that makes it as complex as you need it! I will run a game where encumbrance matters; your character may carry only so much, and buying a wagon and horse is a worthwhile investment! There are no saving death penalties; unless the final strike is nonlethal, a killing blow is a killing blow. For this reason, expect characters that can die very quickly, and very painfully. However, smart play, thinking outside the box (without metagaming), and clever use of skills in critical moments will save you from the clutches of death! I do have a house rule as a token of 5e by giving first level-PCs a full Hit Die rather than require a roll, but for the hardcore gamer, this is entirely optional. I have one more house rule where I permit 1st level players more creativity in Weapon Mastery - you can be more skilled in fighting at level 1 depending on how you build your character. So be brave! Try new heroes! Soon as you die, you have a new character (because character generation is quick after some practice) ready in 10 mins or less For Fighters, and 10+ mins for Spellcasters (account for choosing new spells). Warning! I run a game that is violent! My descriptions of combat are akin to Robert E. Howard and George R. R. Martin; Medieval combat was brutal and harsh, and descriptions may be inappropriate for younger Players. I do not do ERP, nor any sexual flirtation in game that may cause discomfort within the Playing party. Jokes in good spirit and that aren't creepy are fine! Sexual violence is absolutely forbidden in Play. If players decide that Inter-PC romance is a plot that is interesting, everyone must consent. NPC Romance is possible, but don't expect to seduce dragons. Well, not most Dragons.

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