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About me

My name is Adrien, though I usually go by 80 (“eighty”). I love improv, TTRPGs, board games, miniature painting, game design, comics and virtually all things geek. I have over ten years of improv experience and have been playing TTRPGs since the 80's. My first real GMing gig was back in middle school in the 80’s running a Palladium Press Transdimensional T.M.N.T. campaign for my friends. Cut to decades later, I have studied improv with the great David Lagraffe and have performed with various troupes in my home city of Portland, Maine. Though I never stopped playing tabletop games, it was improv that rekindled my joy in cooperative storytelling, dramatic immersion, and game design to the point where I wanted to become a pro GM. Now, I am excited to share my passion with you. Whether you are new to role playing or no stranger to rolling polyhedrals, I leave plenty of room at my table for various styles of play: role-play, tactical-gaming, problem solving, and custom world-building. My goal is for players to have a fun and exciting experience playing pretend in a safe and inclusive environment. I welcome players of all experience and love teaching the hobby to newcomers.

GM style

I am inspired by the magic that comes from playing together in worlds of our own imagining. I love seeing how individuals improvise in the moment, express their creativity, and work with their compatriots to overcome challenges. In my games, I balance dynamic role play with tactical challenge in the midst of solving mysteries and exploring fantasy worlds. What I strive to deliver: - Overall fun experience where each player shines - Complex and dynamic NPCs, with lots of character voices - Epic and challenging battles - Intriguing mysteries - Colorful descriptions to paint an immersive world - A cooperative Yes& atmosphere The tools I use: - Discord for messaging and chat - Roll20 for maps & handouts - DnDBeyond for characters (With Beyond20 integration) - Tabletop Audio for music, ambience, and sound effects I am happy to help those new to role playing or aren't as familiar with a particular system. For me, enthusiasm and willingness to "Yes And" fellow players are the greatest attributes of a gamer (and they don't require experience!).

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