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About me

Are you new to Role Playing Games? Want to learn and you're intimidated after listening to a dozen podcasts and reading how you need a 'perfect build'? Are you interested in sinking your teeth into D&D 5e, Pathfinder 2e, or Starfinder, but don't have a group? Look no further because I've been there and done that! Through my life D&D has popped up occasionally, yet would always fall by the wayside because I "didn't have the friends to play". Well, in early 2021 that all changed due to my lovely wife. I mentioned it one day at lunch and she said this simple phrase, "Sounds fun. I can get people if you want." She came back with 15 invites and 7 confirmations...a huge party for a first time DM that's for sure! Luckily for you, if you're already here, you don't necessarily need an awesome person like my spouse to help you get started! You already found the perfect place here at SPG to find a group and a GM (me!) to help you get started into this wonderful world of fantasy and imagination! What I love about TTRPGs is setting up scenarios, playing through combat, and seeing what whacky and crazy ideas my players come up with! Some of the best moments happen when a player starts off with "So…I have a crazy idea…". Don't forget that! My passion is bringing in new or inexperienced players into this wonderful hobby with care and patience. So if you're a new player I WANT to teach you everything you need/want to know! I love helping players bring their character concept to life by helping guide them through character creation and building a backstory. Working with a player on their character and integrating their adventurer's backstory into a living world is what I strive for in many of my campaigns. It brings true joy when a player falls in love with their character concept and actually sees it play out in session! Once your character is all set, expect a living world, some cool adventures and a story driven not just by me, but by the table as a whole! All games are run on Roll20 VTT using Discord for Chat/Video (optional video). In-Game Music largely composed by Will Savino [] Roll20 Pro Access & Extensive Compendium Access! World Anvil - Work in Process!

GM style

Rule Number 1: Everyone is here to have fun. Don't do anything to ruin other's fun. If everyone is having fun, then it's a great session! I really enjoy the combat of D&D 5e and the exploration of solving a puzzle or scenario. I love describing Player success [and failure] that make them feel heroic. Roleplay is important and the NPCs I bring do their best in being relatable and "living" as opposed to caricatures. Accents as I can! Also, the world as I run it is "alive". It reacts to the player's actions and keeps on moving even if the players ignore parts of it! I run a very open game. No one should feel uncomfortable about a scenario or other player behavior. There are tools to let me know, please do so! If you disagree with a ruling you're free to say so in-game; however, if it will require a rule lookup we may need to move on and correct for future sessions. If you simply aren't having fun because you want more or less of something in the sessions, please say so! Campaigns and modules can be modified to suite the player expectations for a game!


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