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About me

Do you want to play Dungeons & Dragons but the idea of 4+ hour sessions and hardcore roleplaying sounds exhausting? Maybe you're just in the mood for something light and low-pressure and low-commitment? If any of that sounds like you, I would love to be your Dungeon Master. My name is Dylan. I'm 27 years old, I'm a devoted husband and father, I'm a performing musician and lover of all things Dungeons and Dragons. I used to love playing for hours on end and spending hours or even days prepping for one big session, and don't get me wrong- I still do! However I am also aware of how busy and exhausting life can get; getting married and becoming a dad to a beautiful little girl certainly shifted my perspective on those gaming marathons of the good ol' days. After getting into the groove of parenthood for a couple years and lightly playing in a few different groups, I am ready to get back in the driver's seat and make my vision for more accessible D&D a reality. My goal is to create a Dungeons & Dragons experience that offers all the hits- rewarding combat, immersive role-playing, intriguing puzzles and riddles, and compelling villains- while remaining low-pressure and low-commitment. I will achieve this by offering sessions that never exceed 3 hours (one-shots excluded) and follow an episodic formula, with a distinct hook, adventure, climax, and resolution every time. Fewer cliffhangers means guilt-free agency to miss a session when life gets in the way. I look forward to adventuring with you!

GM style

- I adore challenging but fair combat that rewards ingenuity. - I always encourage whatever roleplay that helps players loosen up and have fun! - As a DM, I'm legally obligated to have at least 7 bad accents for my different NPCs. - Riddles are my favorite, but a well-crafted puzzle or trap can be a treat to watch players solve. - Rule of Cool: I want to create an experience that lets the players be awesome. I always do my best to adhere to the core rules of the system but if a player has a vision, I will always let them make their case for the sake of Rule of Cool. - Safety: I want my players to feel safe when they are at my (virtual) table. If at any point a player feels uncomfortable with anything happening in-game, they need only speak up and they will be heard and respected and we will change direction as needed. For the same reason, if any player violates a boundary after being told "no," they will be asked to leave the session.

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