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About me

Hello weary traveler! So, looking for a new Dungeon Master, eh? Well then allow me to introduce… myself. I (he/him) started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was thirteen, and all my friends and I had available to us were a 3.5 Players' Handbook, a Forgotten Realms Campaign Settings Handbook, and a 3rd edition Monster Manual 2. Now, you might be wondering how that worked. Let me tell you, it barely did. I can not stress enough that this is a terrible introduction to the hobby and implore you to never follow in the footsteps of my adolescence. A year later, when we’d finally managed to piece together what we had done wrong, I had already discovered that I was more interested in building worlds, raising villains, to crafting collaborative stories upon strong connections to a fantastic world and the inhabitants along with my players, and I also rather enjoyed doing the silly voices. And so I took to becoming my group of friends’ forever DM. Over the past nineteen years, I’ve continued to play the most widely known system, continuing to this day to spend all my hard-earned wages on 5E supplements, dice, miniatures, and paint. I have also branched out into other systems like Monster of the Week, Uncharted Worlds, Demigods, Kids on Bikes, Wanderhome, Monsterhearts, The Sprawl, and, honestly, we could sit here for hours and I’d probably remember playing a system you’d vaguely heard of and have a fun story about it. Yet, somehow, I always end up running a Dungeons and Dragons game. And that's fine by me. Over the last six years, I've transitioned to mostly online games over Roll20, where I've completed three campaigns and countless one-shots.

GM style

I primarily run campaigns. All of my games take place in homebrew settings and begin with Session 0 to discuss expectations and conduct and then Tabletop Map Making Game (The Quiet Year; The Ground Itself), followed by Session 0.5 for character creation and backstory ties to the rest of the party. (These also primarily serve as icebreakers.) All of my games are LGBTQ+ friendly. I run with safety tools and open communication. My games are RP moderate to heavy. I always attempt to give a good balance of serious moments to silly shenanigans. I'm able to change gears quickly and will always give my players things to work with to further their goals or stories. To that extent, my stories are collaborative and character-driven. I will always find a way to link your backstory to the lore. I often provide players with smaller tools to construct backstories and make them easily digestible for me and able to weave into a campaign narrative as seamlessly as possible (The Five Knives; The Burn Notice Backstory). I primarily structure my campaigns around arc-focused session prep, with an emphasis on final encounters (mini-boss and boss battles). I run crunchy combat with, to the best of my ability, intelligent enemies. Combat will usually also have music that I try to match to the tone and arc. I walk the tightrope of RAW and the Rule of Cool. I do regular check-ins with players in my games to ensure that they're enjoying their time at the table and to address any concerns they might have. Players are always welcome to contact me in return. I also do a really good sexy frog voice.

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