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About me

I've always been obsessed with board and card games (my family used to run a game store!) However, I only first began playing D&D with friends as a joke! "We should play D&D just to make fun of it! We aren't **those** kinds of nerds!" Well, after that first adventure of goofs and laughs, I am indeed **that** kind of nerd. I fell in love with it! The possibilities! The freedom! The crappy puns, pop culture references, and poorly timed jokes! With almost 8 years of experience as a player and DM for both homebrew and official adventure content, Dungeons and Dragons has moved from a hobby to an obsession. As a player, I like to create unique characters based on real-life struggles or victories. As a DM, I try to give my NPCs the same value. I like to make my players feel unique and special. Most importantly, I like to give players the freedom to be who they want and follow the story they desire. A few of the campaigns I've run include: Lost Mines of Phandelver; Curse of Strahd; The Devil, Death, and Dysentery (My homebrew Weird West adventure); Vergent: A Sci-Fi Adventure (My homebrew Sci-Fi epic); Horrors of a Real Apocalypse (A series of 4 different homebrew apocalypse games where the PCs play as themselves); The Path You Walked Tomorrow (My homebrew Forgotten Realms fantasy epic); and many more! These games have been run in many systems. From Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, to Apocalypse World 2nd Edition, to an upcoming TTRPG designed by myself and a group of close friends called Ashes of Civilization. As a player, I've participated in countless campaigns involving homebrew content, D&D official content, and many random and obscure TTRPG systems. Now, I know my bio here has run on long and mostly been bragging about myself, but I want to end off with this: You're an awesome person and I'm glad you spent the time to get to know me a little bit! See you in the next adventure!

GM style

I'll get right down to the facts! I love Dungeons and Dragons for it's multitudes of possibilities. In my campaigns, you can expect: Lots of Roleplay! (Your character will come to life) More Narrative Combat! (More power to the player, while still following that classic D&D fight feel) Rule of Cool! (Want to do something not written in the rules? At least ask! You probably can!) All the Feels! (Get connected to your character and I will too!) Fun and Safe! (It's all for good fun! If something makes you uncomfortable, we can make sure to avoid it!)


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