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About me A quick little bit about me: I go by *teronism* professionally. I've been roleplaying for about 14~ years now, mostly through text via Play-by-post forums, IRC and the like. I've completed around 20 campaigns as a DM, and I have run well over 100+ games in all my time as a game master and designer! I got started with the campfire and freeform improv type 'games', later moving on to Dungeons and Dragons as a storytelling catalyst. The story is ultimately my main interest in TTRPGs, so most often I take a more rules-light approach to GMing than some GMs I've played with, going for narration over mechanics when I see fit. I've been DMing for around 5~ years now and my preferred style of game-running is Theatre of the Mind with a focus on collaborative narration, so I'm looking for players who are as eager to engage in a similar group experience.

GM style

My preferred style is a narrative focus with an emphasis on creativity and role-playing over crunchy game mechanics and heavily tactical combat, but without sacrificing tactics altogether. I do my best to adapt how I like to run the game with the needs and desires of the players at my table however, so I've run the gamut of game style - including the dreaded Evil Campaign.

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