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About me

Hey there! I'm Shawn, and I've been playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games for twenty some-odd years, and started DMing from about my fourth session. Since then, I've dabbled in a couple dozen other game systems and built up an inordinate love for collaborative storytelling. In this time where tabletop roleplaying games have inexplicably become cool and popular, I've come to the staggering realization that there are a lot of people out there who don't have a weekly group with which to tell amazing stories. That hurts on a deep and personal level. Nerts to that. I'll run games! Oh, and I make tabletop games for a living. Court of Blades, Dead Belt, HEDGE, Disaster/Peace, Disaster/Wing, and a few others. That's not germane to the conversation, but I like saying it. My games tend to run the gamut between heroic fantasy, rollicking steampunk adventure, taut political drama, spine-tingling horror, and various shades and blendings along those spectra. I believe in being the players' (and their characters') biggest fan, and filling whatever world we're running in with daring adventure, sweeping mystery, funny accents, and surprises aplenty. If that sounds like fun to you, reach out and see if we can't get something rolling.

GM style

I'm a collaborative fiction junkie. I'm excited about your ideas, and willing and able to let the game follow the fiction we develop together. I'm also a whiz for character voice and roleplay; embodying the non-player characters in your story is my joy. As far as combat and tactics, your antagonists will be smart and looking to win, but good teamwork and bravery will probably carry the day.


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