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About me

Hello fellow adventurer! I have been playing TTRPG for almost 20 years on and off. Started with D&D 3.5 and have played and read multiple systems, but my heart comes back to the high fantasy systems like Pathfinder and D&D. I mostly GM nowadays since I have been the herald to my friends into the fabulous world of TTRPG. I look forward to chatting and rolling dice with you all in the future. Any questions shoot me a message.

GM style

My style. I believe that campaigns should focus on what the players want since they are the main characters. I can play crunchy kingdom-building campaigns with mass combat and intrigue, or more world traversing as the party needs to find ancient relics to battle a great evil. Most TTRPG use dice, and I love rolling dice, but I also like making sure players are rewarded for great RP. In my games, I like to think of the dice as a tool to assist players. A great speech may not require a dice roll, but if you can't find the words a natural 20 may have great results. The same goes for combat antics, I try not to say NO, if you can reason away that something should work I may come up with some dice rolls for the level of success but go-ahead jump off the chandelier, or dive off the castle tower, and we will let the fates decide how it turns out. So come with me and tell tales of heroes on epic adventurers, or a bunch of luck idiots who roll a lot of natural 20s, whichever one, it'll be fun.


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