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I started gaming in 1973 with Chainmail. As a disabled vet that loves gaming. I have traveled the world and i have played with Gary Gygyx at GENCON. No, Im not a "God GM/player". I just been around awhile. I have been in network IT and construction, but now Im retired and just want to have fun. I PREFER face to face gaming. My specialty is D&D 3.5!!!!

GM style

Experiences I Offer? * Long-term campaigns * Lifelong friendships found * 48-hour weekend blow outs * Gaming learn-to-plays Why Gaming? The D&D universe is endless and is vast. You can go on forever and still have fun!!! D&D helped me through hard times when I was growing up and while I was in the Army. It relieved the boredom and it took me places I couldn’t go. It also helped me with math when I was younger. So there is good in D&D for all!! Why Hire Me? Every gamemaster is unique. I bring my own set of skills to the table that make me a great pick for the right group. * I am a disabled veteran. The skills that make you a good soldier - communication, listening, understanding, collaboration, - make you an amazing Gamemaster. *This old cout is always ready. I ran thousands of games and I am proud of my experience, but I remain a normal and approachable guy. * Im a all out DM if you want me to be!!! I am old school. I am of the mind set that we are all here to have fun. So with that, Im some what loose with the rules if need be. But at the same time if their is a problem player, I will not hesitate to boot them from the game. I usually like to to a "ZERO" session were characters are rolled up and finalized, checked and ready to go. If agreed upon, we can do a little pregame to see how all the people/characters mesh and go from there.


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