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Christian Holland
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About me

Have you ever wanted to play D&D in a world where you could go anywhere you desired? A planet where every city, town, and village had a handful of pre-written adventures waiting for you? Yes, this is what I'm able to provide to you! Complete freedom to move around the world of Ronah. I've played RPG's when I was a kid in middle school. And when I first had the chance to DM, I fell in love with it. When I did play with other GMs, There was one thing I wasn't really keen on. A lack of freedom to move around the map. Now, that's what I provide. Reoccuring Friendlies and Villanous NPC's. Travel outside your hometown to explore other kingdoms and empires, visit a new town somewhere on the map, and hit the taverns to find retainers that will work for you. Then, go see the fighters guild and find out what adventures are available in that area, and what rewards are there for each. I've always considered myself an entertainer, and DMing gives me that opportunity. If my players are not entertained, I'm missing the mark. Come. Join us in the world of Ronah!

GM style

There's a little role-playing in my games, that's not required from the players. Feel free about role-play, have fun! Just don't disturb the flow of the game. Your characters would basically be mercenaries, traveling across land and sea looking for fortune and adventure. When you hit a new town, visit the taverns and look for possible retainers, or stop by your local church and see if help is needed. Visit the shops and gear yourself up for the next battle, which you can find in the town's Fighters Guild. It's an open world system where you as the player decides where you want to venture to next!

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