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About me

Hi guys, I'm Mark and I've played Dungeons & Dragons for 7 years and have been a Game Master here in Las Vegas for 5 years. I've run multiple online campaigns for players from across the country. I also star in the actual-play podcast "Reckless Moves" as Twig, the lovable Halfling rogue. If you're looking for a safe yet fun space to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons online, you've found it.

GM style

I love role playing, combat, exploration, character growth, and memorable NPCs. I love running games online because I'm able to play with such a wonderful variety of players from all over the country. My current players hail from places like Puerto Rico, Colorado, Georgia, California, and of course Las Vegas, Nevada. I will do my best to get you laughing, battling, and engaging during a one-shot or one of the many campaigns set in D&D 5e. I'm currently set up to run "Out of the Abyss", "Tomb of Annihilation", "The Wild Beyond the Witchlight" and a variety of one-shot adventures. As a graphic designer, I go out of my way to create immersive and interactive battle maps using the Foundry virtual table top, Discord, and D&D Beyond. If your computer is a little older and can't handle some of the latest in computer graphics, I can also trim down the game and use more theater-of-the-mind techniques to run the game. I also have some tricks for getting the most out of older systems for Foundry. The one map that all my players talk about to this day is one that featured a beholder's lair, complete with moving eyeballs that shot animated spells at the players! I even had some rolls automated to speed up combat! Epic!


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