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"After your long journey across the seas and this forbidden island, you are now atop the mountain in the mist! The central peak and the hidden temple rest somewhere before you. You stop and rest a moment here as the trail ends. There is a wide deep chasm before you at least 30 yards/m across, its depths hidden below the clouds. A tattered rope bridge stretches across to the other side. In the swirling winds of the mountaintop, you sometimes catch the scent of something ancient and primal. There are a few pterodactyls floating across the currents of the chasm. They squawk and swoop about the rocky cliffs, staring expectantly up at the bridge from time to time. As you take a breath and wipe the sweat away, you must decide your next course of action. What do you do next?" Howdy Players! My role is to facilitate great experiences and memories. I guide you and your party through tried and true scenarios and campaigns that you will immersively enjoy and talk about for years to come. I love the creativity of brand new gamers and strive provide a non-toxic, inclusive environment for all players. I began my path as a game master on my 10 birthday, when I received the Moldvay Red Box Basic and Blue Box Expert Dungeons & Dragons games. During the celebratory sleep over my friends and I explored the Isle of Dread. This century, I am half of paNik productions. We are a small press publisher in business since 2012; publishing TTRPG supplements and running events for fun and profit. Awards & Accolades: - ENnie Nominee - Best Electronic Product (Deadly Seven) - Best Table Top GM - NNEGA (Northern New England Gamer Awards) - Iron Contender - Regional Champion IRON GM, TotalCon - National Competitor - IRON GM GenCon - Guest Of Honor, ConnectiCon - Professional GM guild partner - Dark Phoenix Events My pay to play adventures are tried and true - tested in the trenches of our home campaigns and on the tables of conventions across the land. My play test material will always be free. We might be testing out a new druid circle or chase mechanic, listings will mention the specific focus. Any campaigns will be original content sandbox settings. Most one shots are original, with a couple based on classic adventures.

GM style

I like presenting situations to the players and giving them freedom to figure out their response. In any given gaming session, you will find a mix of the following factors: = present situations to the players to resolve in character. = sandbox style adventures, inspired by old school exploration and dungeon crawls. = multiple paths to resolve a scenario and opportunity for creative solutions developed by the players. = in character role playing with a sprinkle of strategy. = getting gritty with interesting combats involving novel foes and scenarios. In terms of style of Game Mastering: I present a story goal and often defer to players to provide a seed or inspiration to build that story. I run games in many genres: ====================== Action Adventure, Hard Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Horror / Investigation, Post Apocalypse/Collapse, Space Opera, Super Hero (4 Color - Gritty), as well as Indie TTG that focus on collaboration and LARP interactive fiction. I run games in many styles: ====================== I am fluent in running most styles of play, from off the cuff, zero prep session play to providing custom painted and designed miniatures and terrain for epic encounters and special locations personalized for the players. Some Current One Shot Adventures (3-6 hours of play) ============================================ all paNik productions published modules: Abyss of Insanity, Bughunt, Caravan, Mission: Mercy, Mystery Mountain, Welcome to Bremen, et al. Other adventures: Abduction, Beamish Academy, Classroom Deathmatch (Battle Royale), Hallowed Hill, Talons of Wong Shen Shung, Mouth of Milu, Dawn Of Worlds - Build your original Fantasy Game Setting Indie Cornucopia (literally several dozen one shots) Short Campaigns (Multiple Sessions ~4-10) ======================================== paNik productions: Deadly Seven, R.E.A.C.T. San Francisco Old School Remixes: Peak Expedition (An uneasy treaty of the 5 Kingdoms), Forbidden Island (Capture a dinosaur, marry a princess) Long Campaigns (Equivalent Level progression from 1-15+) ============================================== High Fantasy - Dawn of Civilization - Ancient Mesopotamia; As humanity takes hold, kingdoms clash. Gnoll raiders harass the wilderness as the armies of Akkad and Sumer battle for control of the land even as Marduk & Tiamat struggle around Babylon. Explore the lands from which most of our myths were born. High Fantasy - Tir na nOg - Ancient Ireland; As the rise of humanity and Ragnarok drive out the magic folks from ancient Europe, The Fey refugees battle against the Fomori for ownership of the island. There are no humans in this campaign. Any Fantasy - Original Concept - We build a fantasy game setting over a couple of sessions using a proven rules set and then you explore it as players. This results in a very rich original setting and rewarding characters with deep involvement of the backstory of the world. This campaign has a very high potential to be one you remember fondly forever.


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