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About me

I have been playing and running games for 30 years in many systems and settings. Although new to professional GMing, I have run games in D&D (2eA), WoD (1e & 2e), Rifts, Robotech, Fate, Paranoia, Savage Worlds, GURPs (3e & 4e), Sentinel Comics RPG, and a few homebrew systems since my middle school years. My games are heavy on story and plot. Your characters are important to the story, whether or not they are nobodies in the world or deities. The possibility of combat is real in most of my games, but may not be inevitable... can you talk or plot your way out? Maybe! Just remember that the NPCs have goals and plans of their own and the rest of the world runs even when your characters are not prodding it. I am also available for custom game requests!

GM style

I tend to run a mix of social heavy and combat medium. The genres I frequently run in include SciFi, Epic/High Fantasy, historical and pseudo-historical, and Supers (both Hero and Villain!). Combat, when it occurs, is usually related to the story and the plans of the adversaries. NPCs have reasons for the things they do, even if you haven't discovered them. They act with their goals, and often their own safety, in mind.


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