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About me

Howdy, I'm Sebastian, a freelance TTRPG designer with credits on a growing number of Kobold Press titles for 5th edition play including Tome of Beasts III and Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns. I bring over twenty-one enjoyable years of gameplay experience to the table and have loved eight of those years as a game master. I enjoy collaborative play and I use "yes, and" and "no, but" in equal measure, allowing players to develop their own characters' narratives and connect with the overarching narrative, add to the campaign setting with their own imaginations, and make for a richer experience for everyone present. I love one-shot games, medium-length adventures, and long-term campaigns. I've run games for as little as just one other player and for as many as ten at the same table.

GM style

My players describe my playstyle as irreverent but not dismissive. I love to play with historical anachronisms for fun and comedic effect while still maintaining pressure from stakes. I love all of the pillars of the game -role-playing, combat, and exploration- and try to include something of each into every session. I enjoy making combat dynamic and bring a specialty in creature design to challenge players to work together to achieve their goals as their allies and opponents work towards their own. Unique and memorable actions, physical comedy, and love for heroism drive the narrative of the combats I run. Role-playing is a great opportunity to step into someone else's shoes and participate in evoking a range of emotions for players and GM alike. When entering situations with more than a couple of present NPCs, one game tactic I love to employ is to hand the reins of other NPCs off to the players, allowing everyone to bring the campaign setting to life rather than perform by myself in half a dozen different voices that somehow all sound like a midwestern dwarf with gravel for teeth. Since so much of a TTRPG is played inside the mind, I encourage my players to add to the setting as they explore. Campaign settings are big places and while the PCs are the heroes, they are far from the only things happening in their world. I delight in enabling players to discover secrets, mysteries, and histories as they leave their mark on the game.

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