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About me

I'm a massive TTRPG fan who has been obsessed with D&D (More specifically 5th edition) ever since I started playing it 7 years ago. I love telling stories of every genre, from comedy to drama, action to horror, and I prioritize the story of my games over almost everything else. The power of collective story telling drew me into TTRPGs, and the friends I've made though that power have kept me hooked on it ever since. When everyone is working together to tell a solid tale, the walls of awkwardness fall away and something truly magical happens. Come escape with me to worlds beyond, and experience the magic of collective story telling!

GM style

My games usually consist of heavy roleplay, with combat sprinkled throughout at climactic story moments or when appropriate. These roleplay heavy sessions mean that you'll meet a lot of NPCs (depending on the setting) whose differing voices I will do when needed. So feel free to try out a character voice of your own, change it up and try stuff out! Some combat encounters may be quick and easy, (i.e. tutorial fights to explore character abilities) and others will require tactical thinking as they become more complex. The difficulty of these combats will be dependent on, again, the story and where it has gone/is going.


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