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About me

I’m DM Tony, with 20+ years behind the screen as a GM and a Professional Voice Director/Actor (Pokèmon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic, The Winx Club, and more). I’m looking for courageous souls to join me in adventure, intrigue, good times and laughs in the realms of D&D 5th Edition! About “Me & D&D”… When Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will faced off against the Demogorgon in a game of old school D&D in Stranger Things ep.1, my heart exploded! It was like someone sneaked into my childhood and captured an average Saturday afternoon of D&D, the table littered with cheese doodles, Doritos, cans of Sunkist and Dr. Pepper. Our lovingly painted pewter minis arranged on the table amongst wayward dice scattered like mystical gems. This was the golden age… the 80’s, when my life-long love of Dungeons & Dragons began and continues strongly to this day. I’m a storyteller at heart and by profession, having directed and acted in some of the world’s most beloved animated shows and worked with wonderful actors of great acclaim. The neat side-effect of all this is that my Game Master skills have evolved and grown as a result. As a GM, I combine my voice acting and directing talent with a voracious love of the hobby, all carefully weaved into stories told through the choices of diverse and enthusiastic players, making for some of the most memorable RPG experiences! There’s little I love more than GMing, aside from my beautiful wife and amazing daughter, of course. Being able to lead critters on journeys that we create together in the realms of D&D fills me with a childlike joy that calls back to those days so long ago. For that, I will always be grateful.

GM style

No matter what kind of game I’m running, home-brewed or published, one-shots or lengthy campaigns, I always make the characters (a.k.a. the players) the center of the experience. I work to knit backstories into the game-play and lore in fun and intriguing ways, and together we decide what kind of experience each individual and group is looking for. From dungeon crawls, to sprawling campaigns, complex social encounters, to all-out monster brawls, it’s completely up to you! Most of all, I want everyone to have fun, because that’s why we love this hobby. Keeping that in mind, I am very easy going. There’s no “rules-lawyering” and I don’t GM with an iron fist. If anything, I like to give all players the agency to feel completely comfortable at the virtual table. While playing, I use art to depict NPCs, environments, and beasts the party encounters. Each NPC you meet will have a voice and personality to remember (or forget, if they’re not so nice). Adventures will be yours to lead, with many ways to go about exploring the fantastical world your party inhabits. I use wonderfully crafted battle maps when it’s time to brandish your weapons or cast your spells against foes. I can create custom tokens for your characters or provide ones from a large library of options. I use D&D Beyond for character creation, sharing all the necessary source books with my parties, so there’s never a need to pay for anything besides your seat at the table. I run an all-inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, 18+ table. When I feel it’s needed, I use Lines & Veils and the X-Card to maintain player safety. I have zero-tolerance for bigotry, racism, ageism, gender bias, or any type of behavior or speech that makes others feel “less-than” or threatened. My table is open to beginners and veterans alike. So, what do you say? Want to join me for an adventure?

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