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About me

I played RPG's for over 13 years, almost exclusively as a DM. Conventions, local game centers and community interactions are all things I did and enjoyed. Decided to go online to continue what is, to put it the simplest, my passion. I have a solid number of completed games behind my back and I continue providing my players with fun and interesting encounters. I would picture myself as a rules as fun DM rather then rules as written. I do homebrew materials, constantly rewriting and improving. I reward roleplay and creative thinking. My players make the story - I just flesh it out.

GM style

I enjoy solid combat and interesting encounters - I think that is my greatest strength. Whether it is a vicious trap, witty puzzle, tactical brawl, creating encounters is something I dabble in daily. I run through adventures with the main focus on players. Every story brings memories of some obscure methods my players trumped my expertly crafted encounters and I loved every second of it. I treat being a DM as a passion, my session doesn't quite end when the session ends - I am still up after hours, scouting interesting adventures, looking up bestiaries, buying additional modules and products, writing scripts, browsing reddit/pinterest for inspiration - all of it to make sure that my players get a memorable and lasting session.

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