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About me

Hi, I'm Josh. I love running games and I prefer being the dungeon master and thought why not expand on what I love doing. I've mostly run D&D 5th. but have also ran shadow of the demon lord, alien ttrpg, vaesan. PF2e, wicked ones, monster of the week and learning a couple other. I like to world build and reacting to people actions in the worlds I run. Creative solutions are the most fun things to work with.

GM style

I love the stories and world building. I love it when a player comes up with a cool idea and tries to figure out how to add it or work with it to the game if it makes sense ingame. making their characters involved in the world and making them grow in the world and the world grows around them. I have been playing dnd 5e nearly every week since 2012. I DM’ed the majority of my games for that entire time from about 2013 onwards and until recently that was my weekly game for that long. I’ve DM’ed other games systems alongside that and played in others. I like learning systems and trying them out and found some real gold that I like even if I can’t find the players for it always My strength I would say is I try to work with players, I’m good at improv. I have interesting ideas for challenges other than hitting it until it stops moving. I have run games for people ages 11 to 60 so far and adjust how I speak and what I say accordingly. I can run modulus and homebrew. I try to make things just challenging enough that its hard but not brutal where you can't progress or die.

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