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About me

I have been a gamer since I before I could read. The very first thing I assumed was a game was when I was 4 years old and got a hold of my dad's pentium 2 and saw him playing this game where he could build a house and walk through it. 3D home architect. he was using a 3d software to design a home and guess who managed to figure out how to use it. Since then, my passion for games exploded to video games, board games and eventually TTRPGs. What draws me in the most is the fantastical worlds that we get to inhabit. The more immersive the better. My dream is to create not a campaign but a living breathing world that grows and evolves with my characters. One that they can make a home and even raise a family if they so choose. Everyone is welcome! New to DND players are welcomed warmly. I hope this becomes a home away from home for you all.

GM style

As a Game Master I love a world where a player's actions can have far reaching consequences. I enjoy roleplay, and enjoy providing details regarding scenes and characters. I will attempt to do different voices and accents to distinguish NPCs from one another. I am no voice expert, but either it will turn out awesome or you get to watch me fail rather spectacularly.. win-win eh? :D I favor roleplay a bit, especially character backstories and motivations. I love working with my players to figure out what drives their characters so that we can weave their tale into the journey as well as reward their dedication in some fun ways. You can expect that some types of enemies will employ strategies and combat tactics to capture, trap, and immobilize you. In combat I generally stick closely to the game's rules as written, though creative usage of abilities is not discouraged if reasonable. Overall, I can be both a stickler for the rules as well as a fly by the seat of my pants kind of DM. So strap in for a rollercoaster :D Also, I will happily spend time with new players to help them settle in on my own time

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