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I enjoy playing dnd, have since I was a young girl, and started playing dnd again a bit when I was nineteen. When the pandemic started, I decided to look for one thing that I could do dnd. I've been playing 5th edition rather consistently since then. Have completed three campaigns, and one of those was one I dmed for my friends. I decided to start dming professionally after hearing my friend and several other dm's at Dragon Con, about professional dming. I am currently dming a module campaign of Candlekeep with my own characters added and own story woven into the background of the game. I am brewing up a homebrew, with 5th edition rules mostly, but with a few things changed. I plan on seeking out other games that I am interested in and possibly dming them in the future; Call of Cthulu, Dragon Age, Doctor Who, and a few more. If your curious about my dm style, I love to role play it out and I do love combat. Not so much murder hoboing it out, but some times, it could get a little heavy with combat. My NPC's have backstories, and most of them are romancable but that means rolling some percentage die and taking we all do in love. My players have said that my games are a fair variety with a mix of laughs and good times.

GM style

All are welcome, and if you need any help, I am very patient and don't mind trying to help you outside of game. I do love roleplay. I love to add character voices. I've been told my games are pretty role play heavy. Most of the npcs are characters, and they have their likes and dislikes. If their not much of a character, I can make them a character on the fly. I like making combat interesting for the players. You can try to negotiate your way out of battles, but keep in mind, not everything you fight can be persuaded. Or that if you negotiate with evil....sometimes, it has a way of coming back to haunt you. Here are some lines(in case you don't know what that means, some hard nopes that I won't include in my games) for me: I won't involve real world racism(rivalries between elves and dwarves is fine with me though), sexism, ageism, etc in my games. I will not roleplay out graphic sex scenes, r*pe or sexual assault. If you join a game that's already started, I will show you more about what the game has wanted, and what their lines and veils are, where you can add yours. As well as a session zero note Please feel free to tell me what you want; what your lines and veils are. Lines as stated above being what you would prefer to not see in a game, and veils being things you don't mind in game, just not happening to your character. I want to have fun, and hope that we have fun together.

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