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DM Jamie

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About me

I've been playing D&D for a few years, but always had an interest in games that were of a similar nature, where you could create a character and then exercise great control over how things progress based on choices. I first tried my hand at DMing in early 2022, due to a combination of struggling to find an available DM, and because it had been something of interest to me. I started out with ready-to-play small campaigns, but am currently in the process of designing my own campaign. As a DM, I try and keep a lot of balance. I tend to try and keep to the general gist of the rules rather than the exact letter, especially when it may provide more flexibility or a more natural progression to let a few technicalities slide. It's not a free-for-all, but I'm definitely in favour of a few well considered house rules or tweaks to make everyones life a little easier and make some aspects more enjoyable. One thing I also try and achieve is to give players multiple ways to achieve things. Whether it is negotiating with dragons rather than fighting, or brute forcing rather than solving a puzzle, I let the players guide the path, albeit with maybe a few extra obstacles.

GM style

Flexibility - I enjoy giving multiple paths to the same end goal, so that players can come up with their own way to achieve it.

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