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About me

Hello and welcome! Feel free to hop into one of my games, then sit back, relax, and enjoy. I'm laid back and love interacting with players of all different experiences. I love homebrewing adventure modules and adding my own unique twist or take to them. My goal is to allow your characters to thrive and develop however you see fit, while making sure their choices matter in an immersive and rich world. My games are open to people of all manner of background or experience. I also am open to designing custom campaigns for you and your friends. More on that below.

GM style

Some things about my games: I run Play By Post-Text Based Adventures asynchronously, meaning there is no set time but that you get to play and post at your convenience. While I will respond multiple times a day, using ten years of writing experience to provide flavorful narration, characters, worldbuilding, that you and your brave companions can heavily influence and make choices in. My games tend to focus on narrative experience and player immersion, as well as deep worldbuilding, and NPCs with believable and consistent motivations and behavior. When playing these games you will have maximum freedom to roleplay your character as you wish. Custom Campaigns: Looking to scratch a fun DND itch but don't see anything that really matches? Then shoot me message because I will sit down with you and we can custom design a setting and campaign revolving around your interests. Whether you are solo player looking for a solo campaign, you are wanting to fill a custom game with yourself and whoever else happens by, or you and your friends want to create a custom experience. *Pricing varies So click some buttons, suit up, and let's get adventuring!

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