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DM Dan Knight

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About me

I was the weird kid in school. An outcast, spending equal time between the library, chess club, and theatre. I was enamoured by classical mythology and folklore, and the way stories were told orally and owned by the many. For anyone who knew to look for the signs, it wouldn't have surprised them to learn I had started flirting with coloured polyhedra and graph paper. It was the early 90s, and the kitchen table became my church. My weekends were spent in costume, trawling game stores, and pulling all-nighters. I explored Planescape, and Dark Sun, and Raveloft, and the Realms, and... I'd eventually move on from D&D to focus on stage acting and film directing. I thought to myself I might make careers of those. I'm now mostly known for TROLL BRIDGE, an animated/live-action adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Discworld story. The film was very much a love letter to the fantasy genre, in all its forms, and has done exceedingly well with its audience. I'm now taking a break from film to create something personal. I want to get back to the oral traditions and build shared stories. I want to hear the roar of natural 20s, and taste the sweet victory of carbonated caffeine. Take me back to those heady nights of dice-directed drama. Take me back. My name is Daniel Knight, and I will be your Dungeon Master for this evening's devices.

GM style

With a background in character-driven storytelling, I excel at performative gameplay. I invest a significant amount of time creating my NPCs, weaving PC agency through various campaign arcs, and building emotional momentum to drive the story forward. Your character's backstory and arc are integral to my campaign adaptations, filling the intentional gaps left by the designers. I value characters that lean into the plot, themes, and tone of the game, as they are critical elements in bridging the story. In addition to my focus on character, I am also very tactical and enjoy the mechanical crunch that supports the system. My encounters are creative and played to their strengths. I don't pull punches and my victories feel earned. Because of this tug-of-war between creativity and crunch, I use both battle maps and theatre of the mind for combat, employing whichever method makes the most sense for the story at the time. I use Foundry Virtual Tabletop and have extensively customised it to my style of gameplay. I lean heavily on its ability to present stunning maps, with dynamic lighting, vision, and animation. You will still be responsible for rolling dice and tracking your character sheet; I choose Foundry strictly for its gorgeous player-facing presentation. To further enhance the immersion, I use officially licensed music and sound effects from Syrinscape, setting the atmosphere for a truly rich gaming experience. Each campaign I run is unique, as I focus on the themes and tonality of the module. Before joining one of my games, please check that the adventure matches your preferred play style.


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