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DMDaddyRPG aka Mateo

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, World Builder

About me

Hello there and welcome friends!! I am Mateo, aka DMDaddyRPG, and I am here to bring absolute ruckus and merriment and excitement and shenanigans right to the comfort of your own home! I have been playing tabletop games and LARP for a whopping 29 of my (coming soon) 40 years of life and storytelling/dm'ing/"insert a game's unique title here" for 25 of those. My experience ranges from personal at the table and in the basement, to unique events and convention games for national organizations (the summer of Sabbat siege will always be a place held in my heart for a Vampire the Masquerade ORG), to beginning running games in Discord as the pandemic shut everything down, to as of this past year streaming tabletop games over on Twitch (we were in the top 2% in the TTRPG Community there last year)! I am -HUGE- on collaborative storytelling, respecting boundaries, and delivering everything my players want or desire out of whatever format of game they want. Be it from a one-shot through a long form campaign, I stand and deliver the wants while sticking away from things that players don't. All games will come with a google form for filling out so that everything can be communicated clearly of what your wants and expectations for a game are, what topics you don't like seeing in your games, etc. I am available for running games I post on here but I am also open to doing private campaigns for a group if that is something you'd be interested in as well! I stray away from modules as I believe in doing the actual work and every campaign or one-shot is crafted specifically by me. If you want to check out what my games can be like you can find me on YouTube and Twitch! I look forward to hearing from you and even more forward to bringing stories to life with you!

GM style

What do you get from going on a journey with me? - You get an all inclusive game master/campaign designer who believes the hobby is for everyone no matter race/creed/gender/orientation. - Someone who loves brand new players and walking them through their early stages of taking in the hobby just as much as he loves the grizzled and hardened veterans. - A campaign where the things you want as a player and the things your character wants are not only listened to but encouraged. (We try hard not to say no here and believe in finding collaborative compromises) - A storyteller who takes their craft professionally and seriously while still having fun. NPCs are unique and acted, with their own flare and personalities. A storyteller that is both prepared but thanks to theater degrees and experience is able to improvise on the fly. A storyteller that balances the RP and the battle through theater of the mind and hanging back to let a group engage with one another while also providing maps and tokens and images.


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