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Chris Solo
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4 years on StartPlaying

170 games hosted

Highly rated for: World Builder, Storytelling, Visual Aid

About me

What can I say about myself, well I am a 12 year combat veteran and a 15 year film producer/director. I have been a storyteller my entire life. I use all of my entire life experience into my games. I have been a professional Dungeon Master in the streaming world for many years. Any game you play of mine is cannon in my homebrew world of Ukodor. I love what I do and bring that to the table for all of you to enjoy.

GM style

Why join my games? There are many reasons one might sit down at a table to play a game based around dice and imagination. Perhaps, you are interested in creating stories, or maybe were convinced by a friend to give it a go. But no matter your reason for pulling up a chair to start, you all stay for the exact same reason, the connections that are formed. The game, while based in fantastic fiction, has deep impacts within the realities of those that play. Here, in this world, you become a representation of yourself, one not bound by the same fears and apprehensions, capable of facing manifestations of problems one encounters everyday, be it social, economic or physical. But this is not something undertaken alone, for you become part of a group, interacting with those other representations, using teamwork and communication to achieve not individual but also group oriented goals. Creating introspection while needing to interact with others allows people to be able to discover things about themselves that they would not have otherwise been able to access. This game, while meant to entertain, provides a safe space to explore subjects and allow for growth. So, it may appear to be simply dice and paper or swords and spells, but this is a simply a fun and creative medium chosen to form that crucial human necessity...connection. At the end of the day the choice is yours!

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