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DM Davin

2 years on StartPlaying

24 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Inclusive

Average response time: 24+ hours

Response rate: 50%

About me

Hello and well met adventurer! I am Davin, and I have been playing DnD (and other RPing games) since the early '80's. I still remember how excited I was when I got that red box. I am now closing in on 50, and I am still playing and of course DMing. I run fantasy games with a little grit and just enough common sense to keep them feeling real. I believe that roleplaying is not about me telling a story, but about a story growing organically from the flow of creative energy between the DM the players. Stories you will remember for years and years. I run both published material and my own unique world of "Sagas of Hallroth" that I have developed over the past year. I can run games for any age and will gladly take requests for solo adventures and duets or couples. My tables are safe spaces for people of all walks of life, and I enforce respect to all at my table.

GM style

My GM style is a balance between roleplay and tactical combat. As a GM I present a scenario, and allow the players decide how to resolve the scene be it by words, swords, or spells. I encourage critical and tactical thinking, imagination, comradery, team work, and collaborative story telling by the players. I encourage player exposition and descriptions. I create safe space and opportunity for all players participate and have a voice. I tend toward an Old School Renaissance style of play, set in a gritty world of survival, and beauty.


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