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About me

I started playing with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition 6 years ago, as of writing this. I got drawn in by the mechanics of the game and the friends that have been gathering around a table. The experience was breathtaking. Playing for 4 years, I saw a potential to take this to the next level and make these games become a form of deeper entertainment. A couple of books read and some sessions after I have been a Professional Dungeon Master for 1 year now, striving to provide entertainment and a welcoming environment for people. :D

GM style

As a game master I focus on the mechanics as much as I can for where it makes sense. I usually read the rules and try to use them in a fair way to players as well as to the world around. I focus on a couple of areas when game mastering and thus affecting my game mastering style: • Use music as much as I can to provide a mood for all situations • When looking for players I generally like seeing the following themes: • Camaradery • Friendship • Being nice to everyone present • Helping out and working as a team to solve the problems presented • I strongly dislike toxic people, and evil characters as they don't add much to such groups. • I tend to run combats quickly and efficiently wherever I can, this is a joint effort to having fun and as such everyone should co-operate in the same manner. • Doing voices for every character. While they might help a player imagine the character, the characters personality is what strongly stays.

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