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About me

I'm a voice actor, musician, graphic designer with a deep love for the classics. I have a tendency towards emulating an "old school" vibe in my games, whether that be in 5E, Old School Essentials, 2E, Cyberpunk, and the list goes on! My players should ideally find great satisfaction from overcoming adversity through trial and error - no, I'm not trying to merc your characters for my own laughs, rather the difficulty in my games is 100% dependent upon your actions! Now let's have some fun, shall we?

GM style

I enjoy a healthy mix of role-play, combat, and exploration in my games. Some sessions may feature one of these more prominently than others, but I try to ensure we find an average balance. I do bring my voice acting to the table - not only because I genuinely enjoy to do so, but it also helps you (the players) to get a sense of an NPC. It also keeps generic bad-guy number two from being a copy of generic bad-guy twenty-seven. Combat can get crunchy although I make attempts to reign that in a bit, as an effort to not bog down an entire play session with combat. However, an exception can be made for an EPIC fight scene. Generally speaking, we'll also be operating under my house rules when playing 5E D&D. That list can be provided upon request - just know it makes "rush blindly into the fray" tactics a guaranteed way to lose your PC. Anyone joining me for play testing new materials / adventures / etc will have our games operate RAW.


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