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About me

Back in my day, we didn't have fancy miniatures or shiny dice, we carved our own from the bones of our enemies! Okay, I'm note quite THAT old, but I have been playing D&D almost from the beginning. I learned to DM on the original Basic D&D set and then in Advanced D&D. Lately I've embraced 5th edition and watch with interest the direction that One D&D is taking. I love working with new (or newish) players who may not be familiar with D&D 5e. So whether you're curious and brand new to the hobby or you have a few adventures under your belt already, you should feel welcome at one of my tables!

GM style

I love rolplaying first, however it has to be balanced with other types of challenges. At the end of the day, the best D&D session is one where everyone walks away with fond memories! I don't compete with my players, we're partners together. My job is to create the challenges and then sit back and see how you overcome them. While I may chuckle at your misfortune now and then, I'll also be cheering your successes! I mostly run a PG-13 (ish) table avoiding extremely graphic material. However I've grown to love a good horror based adventure so if you think you're safe, that's the time to be on your guard!

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